So, Let’s Try This Again

After a lengthy hiatus, it’s high time I take up the proverbial pen and try my hand at blogging again. For a while I’ve been using Facebook as an outlet for my thoughts, and I don’t recommend it. It’s an unwieldy tool when used as a blog.

I opened my first blog at around seventeen. It was a vastly different era in my life; I had just discovered new and exotic Catholicism, so novel after being raised an Evangelical. I was still in high school, laboring away to get my diploma. I had yet to meet some of my best friends and some fantastically interesting people. I was a different person. I’m at a crossroads in my life, a time of tremendous change. As practicing Catholic now, I’ve begun to live this life of traditional religion and speak ‘from the inside’ as it were, though as a marked novice. I’m soon to be living on my own, and my future awaits. Oh, to be young.

Hence this new blog, and it’s title. “Spe enim salvi facti sumus – For we were saved in hope,” a phrase derived from St. Paul’s letter to the Romans. The Christian virtue of hope defines me right now, and is something that inspires me, something I seek to enjoy in greater abundance. There will be no rigid subject matter or style here, nor will there frequently be long, complicated posts, or multi-post series as I’ve attempted in the past. I’ll touch on a lot here, often explicitly religious, always thoughtful reflection on life and my perspective on it. Join the conversation! I’d love to have you.

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